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Qigong Healing Institute

East West Center for Psychoneuroimmunology

Beverly Hills - Los Angeles - Frazier Mountain - California USA

Qigong Healing Certification

Qigong Healing Certification

Become a certified qigong healer by learning how to heal your body and others with Qigong Healing Methods that are used by qigong practitioners in Chinese hospitals to powerfully support the healing of the body. This training will teach you how to heal others and yourself with the power of qigong. You will learn powerful qigong healing techniques from chinese medicine that have been used for thousands of years in China. You will also learn how to identify the blocked energy in the body and then remove this unneeded energy that may be causing the physical challenge. Then, you will learn how to put more healthy energy back into the body. Other effective alchemical qigong methods will be layered into the fundamental technique taught, providing an array of healing techniques to support a strong healing practice. These simple qigong methods will help improve the immune system and assist in living a life of optimal health. In China's western medicine hospitals they have western medicine trained nurses and doctors to provide allopathic medicine for the patients. Also on staff are the qigong doctors (qigong practitioners) that are provided to build a full healing approach to the ailment the patient is experiencing. You will experience Qigong Healing Methods that are methods regularly used with patients. This Saturday class will bring to the attendee specialized qigong healing techniques and methods that provide great means of purification of physical and emotional trauma that can be held from earlier in life and past lives along with building up the immune system, and improving physical and mental balance. Qigong is an ancient form of Chinese energetic medicine, and is one of the four main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with acupuncture, herbal medicine, and medical massage. Self healings demonstrate by balancing ones qi or electromagnetic energy which surrounds and pervades in you and everything in nature. Disruptions in the electromagnetic energy of the body can occur throughout the natural life span as a result of poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, surgery, injuries, suppression of emotions, and aging. The goal of qigong and this class is use the power of qigong healing methods to begin to stabilize these bio-energetic imbalances and blockages. This enables the body to strengthen and regulate the internal organs, the nervous system and the immune system, reduce pain, regulate hormones, and strengthen and release deep-rooted emotions and stress.

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Date: TBA Call 310-722-8877

Hours- 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Cost: TBA