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Qigong Healing Institute

East West Center for Psychoneuroimmunology

Beverly Hills - Los Angeles - Frazier Mountain - California USA

Class Costs

A student should be practicing a whole broad qigong prescription set at least three times per week to best address physical and mental challenges. Each of our classes in tai chi and qigong help accomplish this goal.

Please choose the classes you would like to sign up for by clicking here.

Pay online below to attend classes at the Qigong Healing Institute;

Special UCLA Bagua and Hsing I student rates please class 310-722-8877

Single class rate - $35.00 per class

Single Class

1 class per week - $95.00/five weeks

One Class Per Week

2 classes per week - $159.00/five weeks

Two classes per week

3 classes per week - $235.00/five weeks

Three classes per week

Inclusivity Pass for all the QHI classes you would like to attend in five weeks - $299.00

Unlimited classes each week